The Developmental Accomplishments during the tenure of King Abdul Aziz

Talga Sustainability talks with
HE Mr. Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Saad Al-Sudairy

Talga Sustainability Talks

Revisitng the "Our Common Future Report" by HE Dr. Saleh Al Athel

Talga Sustainability Talks

What’s the Real Cost of Your Consuming Behaviour by Thanaa & Sakha Abdul

Talga Sustainability Talks

Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs Professor Gunter Pauli

Talga Sustainability Talks

"The Brain’s Response to Beauty" by Professor Semir Zeki

Co- hosted by Dr. Ahmed Mater & Talga

Talga x Messangers of Peace Collaboration on SDG 3.4 with a focus on raising awareness on mental health for children

Ceaative Leadership
by Dr. Wasif Syed

Arabizing SDGs Initiative

Merit 360 Innovation

"Workshop on the Role of Youth to Contribute to SDGs" by Chris Arnold

The Birth of Talga

Soft Launch