جمعية التنمية المستدامة

The Sustainable Development Association

Talga at a Glance

Talga is a licensed Saudi Non-Profit Organization (NPO) officially registered in the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development as (The Sustainable Development Association “Talga”) with a license number (1033) dated (1/2/1439H). 

Talga aims to elevate the capabilities of the Saudi society to achieve s sustainable development with a specific focus on localizing the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in the Kingdom. Talga operates by linking research to action as well as dialogue and outreach community driven programs. This is in line with continued and accelerated sustainable development efforts of Saudi Vision 2030 . 

Our Story

Talga: A Tale of Sustainable Roots for the Future

At the Asir region, located at the Southwest of Saudi Arabia,  stands one of the oldest trees in the kingdom, a preferred meeting spot for the people of the village where beneath it, ideas and ambitions were discussed. The tree is called “Ficus vasta”, or as locals named it “Talga –   التالقة”.

Deeply rooted in land, we are reminded that since the dawn of time, humans were always driven towards a thriving and sustainable future. Now with the existence of supporting organizations and socially responsible individuals, we believe that this work has never been more important than today.

At Talga, we are inspired to follow this path. Our goal is to thrive on a wonderful journey towards a prosperous future.


To contribute to sustainable development through research and programs that integrate social, cultural and economic dimensions in the conception, measurement and practice of development.


A sustainable, thriving and prosperous future for Saudi.

Talga's Values

Talga symbolizes our main values which
we want to celebrate with the world